Foodmandu portal hacked

Kathmandu, March 8

Foodmandu, a Kathmandu-based food delivery service, was hacked on Saturday, as per the company.

Issuing a press statement, the company stated that Foodmandu encountered an unfortunate event of data breach on Saturday night. “We detected a cyber-attack which resulted in unauthorised access of customers’ data, particularly name, address, email address and phone number,” the company said in a statement and claimed that the loophole was immediately addressed and the company is conducting further investigations.

Similarly, Foodmandu informed the incident has been notified to Cyber Crime Division of Nepal Police. “Investigation is underway and we hope to address problem soon. We are committed to working tirelessly to resolve this issue completely,” Foodmandu said.

Meanwhile, the incident did not have any impact on Foodmandu’s commercial operation.