Ford F-Series, Toyota Camry top sellers

Associated Press

Detroit, January 5:

Ford Motor Co’s F-Series truck retained the title of best-selling vehicle in the United States last year, while the Toyota Camry was once again the best-selling car.

Ford sold 939,511 F-Series trucks in 2004, setting a new industry record for full-size pickup sales. Ford set the previous record with 911,597 in 2001. The gem of Ford’s F-Series lineup is the F-150, which accounts for roughly 60 per cent of the Series’ total sales. Ford has launched a new version of the F-150 in September 2003.

A redesigned Super Duty model of the F-Series hit dealerships in September. Meanwhile, the Camry was the best-selling car for the third year in a row and the seventh time in the past eight years. Toyota Motor Co sold 426,990 of them last year, compared to 413,296 the year before. Honda Motor Co’s Accord, which overtook the Camry to be the best-selling car in 2001, saw its sales slip to 386,770 from 397,750. Industry totals include 21 automakers. Percentages are based on the daily sales rate; there were 308 sales days in the year 2004 and 307 in 2003.