Fowl, meat prices a mood fouler

KATHMANDU: There has been a distinct rise in the price of meat products not only in comparison to last year, but there has also been a noticeable difference in the price since last month.

Compared to last year, the price of chicken has gone up by almost double.

Chicken price last year ranged from Rs 120 to Rs 150 varying from shop to shop, but since a month there is a significant rise in the price to about Rs 220. As per prices today, the cost of chicken ranges between Rs 260 to Rs 270 per kilo.

“There has been a very steep hike in chicken prices, and mutton is not far behind. Compared to last year, there mutton price has increased by approximately Rs 190,” said Prakash Khadgi, a meat shop owner.

Till last month, most of the meat shops were selling mutton for Rs 500 and some for Rs 450.

As of today, the price of mutton is fluctuating between Rs 480 to Rs 450, depending on shop to shop. Last year, the price of mutton ranged from Rs 320 to Rs 420.

The price of buffalo meat is at Rs 200 as compared to last month’s Rs 180, and last year’s Rs 130.

“We bring in the buffaloes from India. However, due to the prolonged Madhes bandh and other problems along the border, for a long time we have been unable to do so. Naturally, meat supply to the valley has been slow,” said Ishwor Khadgi, vice-president of Nepal Meat Business Committee.

The Tarai region has been witnessing repeated strikes called by various groups.