Price of fruits, vegetables mostly stable

Kathmandu, August 27

Slightly lower supply from outside the Valley had limited impact in the week, as week-on-week comparison of prices of fruits and vegetables in the Kalimati market reveals the rates were fairly constant.

“We received around 650 tonnes of fruits and vegetables during the week, against the normal supply of around 700 tonnes,” said Tejendra Prasad Poudel, executive director of Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Market Development Board.

Prices of white radish, okra and cauliflower (local) rose by Rs 15 to Rs 37 per kg, Rs 15 to Rs 43 a kg and Rs 14 to Rs 71 per kg, respectively. Prices of pointed gourd (parwar), string beans (ghyu simi), black eye beans (bodi), cardamom beans (bhatmas kosa), and eggplant (bhanta) also went up, but only slightly when compared to the price list of previous Saturday.

At the same time, prices of dry onions (Rs 24 per kg), carrots (Rs 98 per kg), pumpkins (Rs 38 a kg), asparagus (Rs 375 per kg), fern (Rs 93 a kg), tofu (Rs 85 per kg), dry red chillies (Rs 275 a kg) and dry garlic (Rs 244 a kg) remained constant.

Meanwhile, price of mushrooms plummeted by Rs 40 to Rs 155 per kg, price of bitter gourd (titey karela) fell by Rs 15 to Rs 27 and that of sponge gourd (gheeraula) dropped by Rs 19 to Rs 33 a kg.

Price of both big and small tomatoes fell by Rs 13 to Rs 37 and Rs 45 per kg, respectively. Zucchini’s price was down Rs 11 to Rs 36, snake gourd (chichindo) dropped by Rs 10 to Rs 28, chayote (iskus) was priced at Rs 22, six rupees less.

Among fruits, while price of apples went up by Rs 20 to Rs 125 per kg, price of pomegranate dropped by Rs 10 to Rs 205 per kg. The price of rest of the fruits — bananas (Rs 75 per dozen), watermelon (Rs 48), melon (Rs 73) — remained the same.