Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, January 27:

With the price of gasoline steeply increasing, mileage is becoming as important for two-wheeler riders as performance, power and style. So much so that a category of bikes, often referred to as the ‘economy’ segment, has emerged that are competing with each other primarily on the basis of greater mileage.

Hero Honda Company, which has gained a reputation in developing bikes that are more economical, has Splendor Plus in this segment. Kawasaki Bajaj has Caliber 115, often regarded as Hoodibabaa, Yamaha has Libero lx and TVS Motors has Victor. More or less all these bikes are designed to replace fuel guzzlers and certainly they are not poor in looks and power.

Yamaha: Libero lx:

Libero lx, which is being marketed by Yamaha as “No Samjhauta Bike” is good in its category. Manufactured by Yamaha Motors India Ltd, which is owned by Yamaha Motors Japan has built customers’ trust for decades. The Libero lx with its dashing style, high mileage, comfortable ride and good performance engine has grown in popularity.

The 105.6cc engine of Libero lx delivers a maximum power of 7.6bhp@ 7500rpm. The suspension of 120mm is highest in its category and a ground clearance of 173mm ensures stability, better cornering and comfortable ride. The telescopic forks oil damped front suspension and five-step adjustable oil damped coil spring suspension of rear absorbs maximum of jerks encountered in tough roads providing the rider a comfortable ride.

DC–digital type CDI, auto cam chain tensioner and can-start-in-any-gear are standard features of the Libero lx. The fuel tank capacity of 13ltr with 1.7ltr in reserve and the mileage of 60–65 km/ltr in average will certainly keeps you away from repeated visits to gas stations.

Hero Honda: Splendor Plus:

With superior styling, design and aesthetics, Splendor has turned out to be one of the most a popular models, making Hero Honda one of the largest two wheeler-manufacturing companies in the world.Splendor, which has endeared itself to numerous customers, has now introduced Splendor Plus, replacing Splendor. The 97.2cc, four-stroke engine of Splendor Plus is of single cylinder air-cooled type with overhead camshaft. The engine generates a maximum power of 7.5bhp@8000rpm. Designed features of contoured low-slung seat, especially designed handle bar and a double-cradle tubular frame provide for comfortable riding.

The telescopic hydraulic front suspension and spring loaded hydraulic type with both side action suspension in rear never let the rider know what is happening between the tires and bumpy roads. The pick up and gearshift are smooth and hassle-free. The ergonomics is felt as one cruises along and the ground clearance of 159mm is no problem on bumpy roads. The mileage average of 50-to 60 kmpl has made it an economic bike.

The new, clear, bright multi-reflector headlight, multi-reflector taillight and stylish graphics of Splendor Plus give it a contemporary look.

Kawasaki: Caliber 115:

The Caliber 115 is a beauty to behold. The perfectly contoured 14-ltr fuel tank with beautiful decals along with its dazzling optoprism halogen headlamp and the styling fairing gives it a sensational look. Caliber 115, designed to draw a line on the road has 111.6cc K-TEC engine which generates a maximum power of 9.5bhp @ 8000rpm.

The optimum riding indicator shows optimum RPM for the maximum mileage. The throttle responsive ignition control system (TRICS) incorporated in Caliber 115 ensures that the K-TEC engine gives good mileage at all times. The rubber-mounted engine effectively isolates the engine vibration from rest of the bike parts, which contributes in good handling.

The bike comes in many colours and matching decals. Designed for an average South Asian commuter, the bike is a blend of design, performance and economy. The Caliber 115 measured mileage in the streets of Kathmandu hovers around 50–60 km/ltr.

TVS Victor:

TVS Victor offers one of the best value for money in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The 109.3cc engine delivers a maximum power of 8.1bhp @ 7250rpm. The digital ignition can be optimised for power and fuel economy depending on the riding style. Telescopic front forks suspension along with the two-step adjustable rear shock absorbers results in a synchronised suspension system for superior riding and comfort in any terrain. With robust rectangular swing arm, Victor ensures stability in high speed, cornering and even on bad roads. The extra grip tyres aids in safe riding. The multi focus reflector clear lenses headlamp and tail lamp provides much wider beam for improved coverage and enhanced visibility.

Dual colour seat adds to the streamlined grace of the victor. The sticker graphics, dual colour mirrors and new engine colour gives it a distinguished looks. The ergonomically designed pillion handle is shaped to complement the aerodynamic styling and also adds to its new age looks.

The average mileage of 60 km/ltr makes it a fuel-efficient bike and is certainly for those who would like to ride an executive class bike that comes at a reasonable price and with good power and looks.