Get your car washed while you shop

Kathmandu, April 17:

Bringing home the international concept of getting your car pampered even as you indulge in shopping and eating out at a mall, Hansraj Hulaschand & Company Pvt Ltd has started a facility of ‘Easy Car Wash’ at Bluebird Mall, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu.

The recently started facility ensures hassle free car maintenance for customers. Besides saving time and being convenient for car owners, the Golchha venture boasts of providing the most high-tech car wash in the city.

“With our highly skilled manpower, we are offering one of the most advanced car care systems in the industry,” maintains Akash Golchha, executive director of the group.

Hansraj Hulaschand and Company Pvt Ltd and Bhudeo Trading have been importing Daihatsu, Ssangyong and Proton Motors for the past three decades. However the main idea behind starting a car wash centre in a shopping mall is to service their customers better.

The service centre will be open from 10 am to 8 pm all seven days of the week, including Saturdays.