Gold edging towards ascending trend

KATHMANDU: The gold market this week closed Rs 390 higher on Friday than its opening price of Rs 23,360 per 10 gram on Sunday.

On Monday, gold priced at Rs 23,405 per 10 gram. It increased by Rs 255 to Rs 23,660 on Tuesday but fell by Rs 85 on Wednesday to drop to Rs 23,575.

Gold traded for Rs 23,660 again on Thursday and closed at Rs 23,750 on Friday. According to Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association (NEGOSIDA), gold priced $885 per ounce in the international market last week and closed at $913 per ounce this week.

Meanwhile, silver opened at Rs 351.50 per 10 gram on Sunday and traded for the same price on Monday.

With an increase of Rs 4.50 silver priced Rs 356 per 10 gram on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, silver traded for Rs 358 with another hike of Rs 6 on Thursday.

Silver closed at Rs 366 per 10 gram, registering an increase of Rs 14.50 over the opening price.