Kathmandu, February 25

Keeping the spirit of the brave Gorkha soldiers alive, Gorkha Beer is back with a brand new campaign focusing on the essence of Nepali patriotism.

The new campaign themed ‘Nepali Paan, Gorkhali Maan’, is an extension of last year’s campaign, ‘Hami Gorkhali’. The new theme is a reflection of the brand itself, that is a symbolic representation of what the Gorkha Beer stands for, the company said in a statement. The entire theme of the campaign is developed around living like a bold Nepali with the spirit of a brave Gorkha heart.

Gorkha Beer as a brand has been personifying the spirit of a Gorkha as the world understands them. Using personality traits that are most related to Nepali people in general this campaign is a means for the brand to connect to its Nepali audience intrinsically, a platform for the brand and its audience to come together to celebrate the feeling of being a Nepali, the statement adds. With execution planned in regional languages such as Newari, Gurung, Tamang, Limbu, Maithali, Bhojpuri and Tharu, the campaign is now all set to relive the success of 2018.

Last year’s Gorkha campaign was all about what Nepali people are intrinsically; brave as a warrior, courteous from heart and mighty as a mountain, something that perfectly calibrated with the perception that the Nepali youths already have in mind about being a Gorkhali.

The ‘Hami Gorkhali’  campaign in 2018 was developed around three personality traits — brave, mighty and courteous.