Gorkha Beer reaches Hong Kong

Kathmandu, January 17:

Gorkha Beer, a flagship brand of Gorkha Brewery has now reached the markets in Hong Kong.

The company started exporting Gorkha Beer from the beginning of 2007, an authentic Himalayan brew, to Hong Kong through Nepal Food Services Ltd in Hong Kong, which operates several restaurants and bars there, states a company press release issued today.

Gorkha Beer was launched in select premium outlets of Kathmandu and other main cities of Nepal in 2006 with the objectives to cater primarily to tourists visiting Nepal who prefer high quality premium local beer and for exporting to various countries in the world, where consumers look for something special.

The trend of specialty beers in various countries in Asia, the US and Europe are

increasing. Gorkha beer from Nepal shall be a special brew that would cater to the needs of consumers for quality beer from the Himalayan country, according to the company.