Govt intensifies quality check of construction materials

Kathmandu, February 27

The government has intensified the quality check of different construction materials available in the market to assure that quality products are used while reconstructing different physical structures in the country that were damaged by the earthquake.

The Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology (NBSM) has started collecting samples of different construction materials from the market to check whether or not they meet the quality standard set by the government.

In the first phase, NBSM has collected samples of construction materials from major markets across the country. After the quality of these collected samples is tested, NBSM plans to check construction materials in other smaller markets as well.

“NBSM had been time and again cross-checking quality of construction materials available in the market. However, we have currently intensified market monitoring as the demand of construction materials has increased manifolds,” said Bishwobabu Pudasaini, director general of NBSM.

NBSM has basically targeted construction materials being supplied by domestic industries in 14 districts that were badly affected by earthquake as the pace of reconstruction activities in these districts is comparatively higher.

According to Pudasaini, NBSM is collecting samples of construction materials like cement, rods, wires and pipes, among other materials required to construct physical structures like houses, roads, bridges, temples, among others.

“These collected samples of construction materials will undergo laboratory test at NBSM to check whether or not they are up to the Nepal Standard (NS) and other quality parameters set by the government,” he added.

If these construction materials do not meet the prescribed quality standards, Pudasaini said that NBSM will take action against industries that are found to be supplying low quality construction materials. According to him, there are high chances that low quality construction materials could be supplied in the market following the increasing demand.

NBSM also plans to collect samples of construction materials from different industries itself by deploying officials from NBSM’s regional offices.