Govt restricts plotting of arable land

Kathmandu, August 10

The Ministry of Land Reforms (MoLR) today issued a directive prohibiting the plotting of arable land without getting prior permission from related government agencies.

Citing that the volume of arable land in the country is declining in recent years with people increasingly plotting lands in different places and that the ministry has been receiving complaints from different government agencies regarding it, MoLR has issued the directive to this effect as per the Land Act, 1964.

“Various government agencies inclined to agriculture had recommend us to control the massive plotting of land across the country citing that it has been reducing the cultivable land in the country along with causing the agricultural production to drop,” explained Purna Poudel, undersecretary at MoLR.

However, Poudel said that plotting is allowed on land received through court order or through inheritance. Still, the owner of the land cannot divide it into further plots more than once in a single fiscal year for the purpose of sale.

Similarly any person or company that had taken the permission from the concerned body for the plotting but has not sold it yet will be allowed to do so.