Govt to set up Allo Processing Centres in 10 locations

Kathmandu, December 16

The government plans to set up Allo Processing Centre (APC) in 10 different locations of the country to facilitate Allo producers and promote the production of this fabric.

Ministry of Industry (MoI) has initiated the process to establish sophisticated Allo Processing Centres across the country and has sought necessary budget from the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

“We are planning to set up processing centres for Allo in at least 10 places of the country where Allo production is higher and a large number of people are relying on Allo production for their livelihood,” said Yam Kumari Khatiwada, spokesperson for MoI, adding that a committee has been formed to finalise places that are suitable to set up processing centres for Allo.

According to Khatiwada, Allo Processing Centres will be set up on the premises of the local offices of the Department of Cottage and Small Industries (DoCSI) and required processing machines will be installed after MoF approves the necessary budget for it.

“We have learned that one Allo processing machine will cost around Rs three million, depending on the capacity of the machine,” informed Khatiwada.

MoI believes that availability of better processing centres in areas where many people are engaged in production of Allo threads will increase its production as well as improve its quality. Though identified as a good base raw material for weaving carpets in Nepal, domestic carpet manufacturers are importing Allo threads from New Zealand as domestic producers are unable to supply Allo threads as per demand, according to Khatiwada.

“Instalment of new and highly technological processing machines will increase production of Allo threads, which could later play a substantial role in substituting import of Allo threads,” added Khatiwada.

As per MoI, around 40,000 Nepalis are involved in Allo farming across the country.

Dharma Raj Shakya, president of the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal (FHAN), said that Nepali products made from Allo have higher demand in both domestic as well as international market.

“Allo products fall under top 10 exportable products of Nepal and Allo products worth millions of rupees are exported every year,” Shakya said.

As demand for Nepali apparels made from Allo is increasing in international markets every year, efforts have to be made to produce Allo threads in large volume as they serve as the base raw material for production of other Allo products, he added.