Government to broaden Lapsi project base

Thimi, July 20:

Plantation of Lapsi or Nepali hog plum (Choerospondias axillaris) under the ‘one village-one product’ project will be extended to more villages of Bhaktapur district.

“Under the project launched last year, 16,000 saplings were planted in 12 of 16 VDCs in the district,” said Dhirendra Karki, district agriculture development office (DADO) chief.

The project, launched with the support of Bhaktapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and tech-support from DADO, plans to plant 9,000 more saplings this fiscal year, said Bibek Man Karmacharya, coordinator of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Coordination Committee and BCCI chief.

Under the project, farmers are provided with the saplings at a cost of two rupees per sapling though the market price of one is Rs 28.

Lapsi farming has been expanded in Dadhikot, Gundu, Tathali, Chitrapole, Sipadole, Nakhel, Changunarayan, Jhaukhel, Nagarkot, Chhaling, Sudal and Bageshwari.

Some 533 farmers are involved in Lapsi farming and 40 Lapsi farmers’ groups have been formed. Last year’s saplings have already started fruiting.

BCCI has taken charge of market promotion of Lapsi produced by the farmers. These farmers have also started mixed cropping system whereby they grow crops like garlic, ginger and asparagus in between the rows of Lapsi saplings.