Govt yet to start tracking system for embossed plated vehicles

Kathmandu, February 4

Though the government has issued embossed number plates to almost 500 vehicles so far, it is yet to start the tracking system for the embossed-plated vehicles.

Along with the inability of the government to begin distribution of embossed number plates for vehicles and implement its tracking system simultaneously, the embossed number plating system for vehicles is yet to make a difference in the country.

The US-based Decatur Tiger IT — the contractor appointed by the government to instal tracking mechanism in different routes — is yet to start installing tracking system in different planned routes.

“The process to instal the tracking system has been delayed. However, the contractor has committed to complete installation of such system in the country’s roads as soon as possible,” said an official of the Department of Transport Management (DoTM) seeking anonymity. The DoTM is the implementing agency of the government for embossed number plates. The official added that the tracking system will be implemented as soon as ‘tracking gates’, also called ‘sensor gates’, are installed in different planned locations.

DoTM has planned to instal such tracking gates for embossed plated vehicles across 10 different places in the country — five in Kathmandu Valley and five along other major highways across the country. The department has planned to instal tracking gates in Thankot, Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Balkhu and the entry point to Kathmandu from Nuwakot within the Valley.

“We have already shown the planned sites to the contractor and the contractor is expected to start the process to install ‘sensor gates’ soon,” added the DoTM official.

DoTM had begun installing embossed number plates on vehicles belonging to the government and diplomatic agencies on August 20 last year. Meanwhile, it also started distributing such digital number plates to private vehicles on the basis of provincial structure from the first week of November last year.

The new embossed number plate involves the embossing of the metal plates with raised lettering and numbering distinctly. It is based on computerised technology that comes with a microchip. Introduction of the new embossed number plate system is expected to help the government to maintain regularity in issuance of number plates and prevent duplication.

The embossed number plating system for vehicles is expected to help the government track vehicles, control vehicle thefts and check use of vehicles in criminal activities.

DoTM has been charging Rs 2,500 for motorcylces for the embossed number plates, Rs 2,900 for three-wheelers, Rs 3,200 for light four-wheelers and tractors, and Rs 3,600 for heavy vehicles.