Govt forms fuel management mechanism

Kathmandu, November 3

The government has constituted a six-member fuel management mechanism under the coordination of Director of Department of Commerce and Supply Management Hari Narayan Belbase for fair distribution of available fuel.

Shiva Prasad Tripathi, undersecretary at the Ministry of Commerce and Supplies (MoCS), said the high-level mechanism has been formed as it was found that there were malpractices in the distribution of cooking gas. It has been reported that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders have been distributed from the depots itself, and the retail sellers had not been supplied cooking gas and the distribution was disproportional.

Meanwhile, the government has also directed the LPG dealers to provide the details of cooking gas, including its amount imported from India, to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC).

It is said that the government took this measure for the effective distribution of cooking gas amidst the acute shortage of this fuel.

The MoCS issued the directive requiring the LPG dealers to provide particulars regarding the volume of gas imported as well as its sale and distribution mechanism. The ministry has asked for details including the number of gas bullets imported from India, the name of the LPG industry, the date for refilling, and the name of the dealers, sellers and distributors to whom the cooking gas was supplied to, among others. Such details are to be submitted on a regular basis to the Control Room set up at NOC.

It has also given the fax number (01-4263499) for providing this information. MoCS has warned of taking stern action against those LPG industries that do not provide the details on a regular basis.

Tripathi said the directive had to be issued after the LPG industries started distributing cooking gas from the bottling plants itself.

There are more than 6,000 LPG dealers in Valley. Around 6.2 million LPG cylinders are in use in the country and two million cylinders are used monthly.

The country is reeling under acute shortage of LPG due to the agitation in the Tarai, which is on since the last two months and the over-one-month undeclared border blockade imposed by India. The daily demand for LPG in the Capital stands at 50,000 cylinders.