Dahaban (Rolpa), April 4:

The German donor agency, GTZ, has provided seeds to local farmers, interested in opening a nursery of herbs or starting commercial vegetable farming, at an economical price.

The GTZ has provided seeds of herbs such as Timbur, Malagedi, Rittha and Masala and also other vegetables.

An engineer at GTZ, Krishna Sharma stated that seeds of different herbs were provided to establish eight nurseries including four nurseries at Chihandanda in Dang district, two in Dahaban in Rolpa, one in Jailepokhari VDC and one in Gairigaun in Rolpa.

He added that mostly poor farmers and single women were provided this kind of assistance. Upto 20,000 herb plants will be grown in each nursery.

The GTZ has also provided poly bags, plastic sheets and pipes for irrigation in the nursery. It has been targeted to grow herbs in the nurseries within the next six months.