KATHMANDU: An emergency meeting of Hotel Association Nepal (HAN) held on November 27 has warned of complete closure if the All Nepal Hotel and Restaurants Workers’ Union (ANHRWU) des not withdraw its ongoing protest programme.

The HAN meeting today passed a unanimous proposal regarding the demands of ANHRWU, and according to the proposal any issues and disputes regarding 10 per cent service charge and related salary and wages will be looked into by the HAN working committee which will have the right to take decisions on it.

Meanwhile, HAN also agreed to follow the agreement signed on December 30, 2006, between it and the central level committee of different trade unions. However, HAN pointed out that the demand of the union regarding increment in wages and salary has directly violated the agreement signed then. The HAN working committee will hold discussions regarding the demand for service charge and contravening demands with leaders of the central trade unions, government and political parties.

HAN also warned that if the agitation programme does not end within 72 hours of the proposal forwarded by it, it will be forced to completely foreclose hotel bookings and shut down all hotels after 10 days of the proposal forwarded.