Hillsdale Group keen to invest in hydropower

KATHMANDU: Hillsdale Group Inc is interested in investing in the 500 megawatt Tamor Me-wa Hydropower Project.

According to Sambhuman Saiju, executive director of Hillsdale

Group Inc, USA, Hillsdale Group Inc is basically based on renewal energy production. Saiju said,

“As Nepal is rich in hydropower, the company is willing to attract investments in small and large projects in the hydropower sector of Nepal.”

To begin the survey for the production of 500 MW hydropower from Tamor, in 2008 the group had applied for approval from the then Ministry of Hydropower but the application has still not been approved. “It was July 14, 2008 when the application for the survey was forwarded to the ministry but still there is no permission granted,” said Saiju during a programme. He added that the application fulfilled all the required criteria. Representatives of Hillsdale Group also called on Minister for Energy Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat, executive director of Nepal Electricity Authority and representatives of different political parties to know about the requirements for the projects. “They have given positive response and we hope to get the approval letter for the observation and study of the 500 MW Tamor Mewa Hydropower Project,” said Saiju.