Hooray for pay-bills service firm!

Kathmandu, November 29:

To ease people’s problems in paying bills or getting the mobile phone account recharged, Pay Bill Pvt Ltd has launched an easy and secure SMS payment system. The service by the company and its service partners Nepal Telecom and Everest Bank Ltd began yesterday.

Pay Bill Pvt Ltd chief executive officer Manish Subba said, “This is a mobile payment service.” He added that they have launched prepaid recharge system that will be through mobile and not recharge card. For this, the customer should have an account at Everest Bank. He or she can get the registration form for the facility to get pay bill system and a personal password after registration at the bank.

“Besides minimising the hazard attendant to buying a recharge card, the main aim of the system is to create eco-friendliness as the use of plastic cards will be reduce through this system,” Subba said.

Currently, pay bill system is available through Everest Bank only but soon it will be granted through a number of banks, said Subba.