House panel directs MoFA

KATHMANDU: The Parliamentary Sub-committee on Commerce, Industry and Consumer Welfare Relation on Thursday directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) to ease the process of substituting Indian LPG bullets in Nepal through diplomatic channel.

The committee meeting criticised Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC), Ministry of Supplies (MoS) and MoFA for delaying the process, even though substituting Indian LPG bullets would be a boon for Nepal’s petroleum industry and the entire economy. “LPG supply is a sensitive issue.

The MoFA should ensure through diplomatic channels that Nepali LPG bullets start supplying cooking gas from the given date. Similarly, MoS and NOC should coordinate with private LPG bottlers to assure that LPG supply is not interrupted at any cost,” Subash Chandra Thakuri, coordinator of the committee said.