KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has said that the International Conference on Nepal’s Reconstruction (ICNR) on Thursday was a success. PM Koirala expressed this view to teams that had come at his official residence in Baluwatar this morning to hand over money to the PM Disaster Relief Fund in aid of the earthquake survivors. On the occasion, the Prime Minister said that the conference that was held amidst certain qualms regarding the level of participation has been very successful. Stating that the conference saw participation at the highest level from different countries and the donor agencies, he said all of them assisted in making the country’s development endeavours meaningful by giving a call for extending whatever support they can to Nepal at this time of calamity in the country. Premier Koirala also said the pledge for assistance made in the donor conference was good and that the reconstruction works would start after the rainy season is over. He stressed that settlements to be developed in the future should be set up in geologically safer places, the houses should be earthquake-resistant and the entire settlements should have road, drainage, water, electricity, telephone and other facilities. “We have faced a formidable challenge; now, the construction of a new, developed and prosperous Nepal will begin,” the Prime Minister said. On constitution writing, PM Koirala stated that the constitution writing has entered the process and the constitution will come soon. “Now there will be peace, stability and development,” he added. READ ALSO: