India-run projects may get axed

KANCHANPUR: The Indian embassy is reluctant to provide more financial assistance for several projects underway in Kanchapur district due to dilly-dallying by construction companies.

India has pledged Rs 50 million to construct five school buildings and blacktop roads. But, the Embassy is dissatisfied with the service of construction companies as it found delay in accomplishing the results and also below standard work.

Though an Indian embassy official, who was here recently, said that India is always ready to help Nepal in all ways possible, he admitted that the projects may get axed because of negligence shown by the construction companies.

India had agreed to lend Rs 10.45 million for Bhanu Higher Secondary School, Rs 9.857 million for Janaki Kanya Secondary School, Rs 2.645 million for Ghatala Secondary School and Rs 1.76 million for Barsamapurna Secondary School this fiscal year.

The embassy had also pledged to grant Rs 10.5 million for blacktopping roads.