Industrial census soon

Kathmandu, November 21:

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), an undertaking of the government under National Planning Co-mmission, is to carry out Industrial Census from next fiscal year to take stock of financial and other issues related to business enterprises scattered across country.

The census is carried out every five years to keep data on manufacturing units for various purposes, informed Dr Rudra Suwal, economist at CBS. He told The Himalayan Times that the census would incorporate issues related to financial status, performance of organisations, employment situation in organisation, value addition and various other inputs.

CBS officials, during the survey, will meet industrialists and entrepreneurs to learn about industrial enterprises’ status, according to Dr Suwal. Moreover, it will form a basis for local and foreign researchers and users. Talking about the objective of the survey, Suwal said, “It is done every five years to take stock of the country’s industrial status.”

He opined that conducting an industrial survey in 2002 and now at the post-conflict period would be quite different due to the country’s political and economic environment. The survey would be completed within one year, he said. CBS will visit all the 75 districts and visit all enterprises that employ more than 10 workers, according to Dr Suwal. This will provide a a blue-print for the national economy. After the completion of census concerned institutions at home and abroad will have opportunities to know the status of business and economy.