Industrial pollution affects entire village in Sunsari

SUNSARI: An entire village in Sunsari district has been affected by industrial pollution.

The village, Narsingh-1, is literally engulfed by thick smoke and dust when the industry located near it is in operation. At other times, the village is polluted by the murky water drained out from the industry.

The local Baba Paper Industry and Arabinda Paper Mill which are close to this hamlet and the main culprits of the pollution are least bothered about the health hazards to locals. Over 50 families in Narsingh village are living in the stench-laden environment due to lack of management of the industrial effluence.

"We have drawn the attention of the industries' management and the district administration office towards properly managing the industrial waste. People are living in polluted environment as the effluence is not properly managed and processed. As a result, they are at high risk of different diseases," said Alauddin, a resident of Narsingh.

He said they will now organise strong protests for getting the polluting industries to manage the industrial waste and reduce the pollution level in their village. He said the people of the village are already suffering from flu, cough and cold, headaches, eye irritation and eye sores more frequently due to the high level of pollution.