Industrialisation of agriculture necessary

Kathmandu, May 10:

Nepal has comparative advantage in tourism, hydropower and agriculture sectors but we need to industrialise agriculture to get maximum benefit from it, Dr Baburam Bhattarai, one of the chief ideologue of the Maoist movement, said, sharing his vision of New Nepal, in an interaction with CNI-YEF and NYEF.

Youths and industrialists should lead nation, he said, adding that they will bring their policy after consultation with the business community. “However, rent-seeking and commission-seeking mentality should end,” he added.

“We are not opposed to Foreign Direct Investment, but it should be accepted in the national interest only,” he said, adding that open border has been the hurdle for Nepal’s industrial growth. If there is a strong political will, four figure per capita income is possible, Bhattarai said. Barshaman Pun, Shaurabh Jyoti and Bishnu Agrawal of CNI-YEF also took part in the interaction.