KATHMANDU: The government would organise the International Investment Conference on March 2 and 3.

Minister for Industry Nabindra Raj Joshi, who is also the Chairman at the Conference Directive Committee, said the Conference was aimed at reassuring the foreign investors to invest in Nepal as a safe place for investment.

The meeting of the Committee held under the chairmanship of Minister Joshi today decided to organise the Conference with the objective of informing the foreign investors about legal and administrative framework along with the political commitment for the investment in Nepal.

Minister Joshi shared that the political leaders would also express their commitment to assure foreigners for investment protection.

He argued that the Conference would further present a scenario of Nepal's economy till 2030 saying that his ministry was working out in this regard.

Discussions on different sectors including energy, tourism, finance, mining, agriculture among others would be discussed in the Conference.

It is stated that the renowned international companies and multinational companies working in Nepal would be the invitees to the Conference.

The government plans to invite about 300 international investors for the same.