International lingerie store launch in town

kathmandu: The international brand trend in the valley is picking up pace by the week, with talk of new launches and new international ventures spreading on the Nepali palette.

This time around, it is good news for the ladies in the valley who are being provided with access to world class exclusive lingerie. Intimate Delights is the new store opening at Bhat-Bhateni.

“We are bringing in products that are not readily available in the valley, and at minimal cost we want to provide women the experience of feeling beautiful,” said Rabindra Sharma, managing director of Pussycat International, a private company.

Housing a range of cosmetics to designer lingerie, the store promises to offer a variety of intimate products for women. The main attraction is their collection of inner wear for women and which have been procured from a company called Annebra.

Starting from a tailor-made lingerie shop in 1976, Annebra has 15 boutique lingerie shops that are located in many cities such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Osaka (Japan) and Amsterdam.

The pricing of products have been kept minimal. “We want to provide quality products at minimum cost, and have priced our products accordingly targeting all segments of society,” added Sharma.

The pricing ranges from anything between Rs 295 to a maximum of Rs 3000. Looking to provide well-established international brands in the Nepali market, Sharma said that the products are top quality ones yet well suited for every pocket.

“We also want to bring in novel ideas for bedroom exploration in a tasteful and affordable manner, and hope to create a niche as well as open the market for more international brands to come in,” added Sharma.

Another brand being brought in by Pussycat International is Lemongrass House, which develops specialized farm fresh aromatherapy/spa treatments.

The store Intimate Delights will open on Saturday, with the motive to create awareness as well as create a market for personal needs of women. It is is located at Sivir PJ, Bhat-Bhateni.