Iron ore mine shut for 60 years to be opened again

KUSMA: The country’s second largest iron mine in Parbat that

was shut for the last 60 years is going to come into operation again. Due to increasing deforestation to manage

fuel for melting the ore, the government had shut the mine located in Phalamlhani VDC in 2007 BS.

The source of income

of local Dalit families

was snatched due to the

closure of the mine from which Dhuwakote Iron, a popular brand of iron, used to be produced.

The group of Devi Pokherel is set to extract iron from the mine after taking permission from the Department of Mines and Geology.

The mine is 24 km long

in Phalamkhani and is

estimated to spread across into neighbouring Linkhu and Thanamaula VDCs. It contains two million tonnes of ore, according to a study carried out by the group. Extraction will begin once the report of a technical group arrives, said Arjun Pokharel, a member of the group.

Tests have found that the ore extracted from the mine contains 40 to 60 per cent iron. The mine is considered the second-largest iron

mine in the country after the Phulchowki mine. The reopening of the mine became possible after electricity supply reached the place.

Locals expect to find employment once the mine ore extraction resumes.