Israel to reopen for Nepali workers soon

KATHMANDU: Ambassador of Israel to Nepal Yaron Mayer has said that Israel will give enough opportunities to agriculture workers, trainers and caregivers by putting Nepali workers in the top priority.

Stating that Israel will again allow Nepalis to work as caregivers in the country after an agreement with the Government of Nepal, the process for taking the Nepali caregivers in Israel will be finalised soon. Israel had stopped taking Nepali workers for nine years.

Talking briefly to the Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS) on the occasion of 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries, the Israeli Ambassador said that opportunities will be given to hard-working human resources of Nepal.

Ambassador Mayer said, "Collaboration is underway between the bodies concerned of the two governments to finalise the agreement regarding Nepali caregivers. I am hopeful that it will be finalised soon."

He further clarified that the selection of Nepali workers will be carried out in a transparent manner and added that opportunities will be given to 600 agriculture trainers next year under the 10-month agriculture training.

The Israeli Ambassador expressed the commitment that his country will provide maximum support to Nepal, as it needs further support to face challenges after the Gorkha Earthquake.

Responding to a query, Ambassador Mayer said that Israel will help the quake survivors in agriculture in and irrigation of worst quake-hit areas by coordinating with the Nepali government.

Meanwhile, in a joint statement on the occasion of 55th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between the two countries, Nepali Ambassador to Israel Prahlad Prasai and Israeli Ambassador Mayer expressed commitment that they will continuously involve for expansion of the mutual relations between two countries.