Israeli govt deporting illegal workers’ kids

KATHMANDU: The Israeli government has started the deportation of the children of illegal migrant workers, the Jerusalem Times has reported.

Israel’s Interior Ministry’s ‘Oz’ task force, which replaced the Immigration Police, has started the forcible deportation of around 1,200 migrant workers’ children born in Israel.

The children between 3-18 years are from immigrant families from Nepal, the Philippines, South America and Africa.

The “Oz” officials raided Tel Aviv, a city where nearly 90 per cent of Israel’s immigrant workers live.

Under Israeli law only those illegal workers’ children can live in Israel who meet four stringent conditions. They must show devotion and commitment to Israel, their parents came to Israel legally, have lived in Israel for six consecutive years without leaving even for a short period and their native language is Hebrew.

Israeli Children, a rights organization protested in Tel Aviv against the government’s decision.

Moreover, the organization is currently working on a bill that would prevent the imprisonment and deportation of children.

Last Saturday, it had appealed to Interior Minister Eli Yishai and cabinet secretary Zvi Hauser to prevent the deportation of children.

Earlier on July 16, Interior Ministry had started forcible deportation of illegal Nepali migrant workers and it was stopped after the intervention of Tel Aviv District Court.

According to the ministry, around 1,000 Nepalis are living illegally there.