Jitpur locals obstruct Pathlaiya-Birgunj roadway construction

BARA: The construction works of 1100 meters long road section along Pathlaiya-Birgunj commercial roadway has come to a grinding halt after the locals of Jitpur obstructed the project demanding compensation.

Although multiple discussions have taken place between the local leaders and project office overseeing construction of the commercial roadway, the dispute is yet to be resolved.

Complication in settlement of the dispute has surfaced after local level representatives took side of the locals demanding compensation, Project Chief Rabindra Lal Das said.

Provisions of the law have ensured compensation to owners whose property was built before 1977. However, the law has no provisions on compensating owners with property built after, added Das.

The locals have demanded compensation citing that they were paid earlier when the four lane roadway was constructed in Jitpur Bazaar.

In spite of the obstructions, the project office has said that the office was ready to move forward with road expansion works in coordination with locals if they are positive to that end.

Likewise, speaking at a meeting held between local leaders and representatives, Ward Chair Ram Babu Gupta of Jitpursimara Sub-metropolis-7 said that the locals would not get in the way of road expansion while asking for a deadline till July 15, 2018.