Know your bank

Kathmandu, October 25:

Nepali commercial banks are doing well despite the prevailing global financial crisis. They are pretty much insulated because they are less exposed to global fluctuations.

Also, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the regulatory authority, is very vigilant and keeps a hawk’s eye on banks despite manpower crunch.

However, whether a small economy like Nepal can sustain more banks or not is still a million dollar question. Let’s have a look at the financial health of our banks for the fiscal year 2008-09.

• Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (February 27, 1986)

Chairman/CEO: Prithivi Bahadur Pande

MD: Jyoti Prakash Pandey

Paid up capital: Rs 1,203,915,400

Core capital: Rs 1,852,197,400

Net Profit: Rs 697 million

NPA: 1.12 per cent

Networth: Rs 26,86,786,000

Earning Per Share: Rs 57.87

Price earning Ratio

(P/E): 42.33

Branches: 21

ATMs: 40

• Nepal SBI Bank Ltd (July 7, 1993)

Chairman: B K Shrestha

Managing DirectorL: N K Chari

Paid up capital: Rs 87,45,27,840

Core capital: Rs 1,14,54,78,649

Net Profit: N/A

NPA: Rs 45,87,55,741

Networth: 1,15,33,13,329

Earning Per Share:

Rs 39.55

Price earning Ratio (P/E): N/A

Branches: 23 (extensions + branches)

ATMs: 12

• Machhapuchhre Bank Ltd (October 3, 2000)

Chairman: Surya Bahadur KC

CEO: Bhai Kajee Shrestha

Paid up capital: Rs 901,339,300

Core capital: Rs 1,143,996,282.47

Net Profit: Rs 88,755,880.75

NPA: 2.29 per cent

Networth: Rs 1,164,373,223.89

Earning Per Share: Rs 10.80

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 118.96

Branches: 21

ATMs: 15

• Global Bank Ltd

(January 2, 2007)

Chairman: Chandra Prasad Dhakal

CEO: Anil Gyawali

Paid up capital: Rs 700 mn

Core capital: Rs 723 mn

Net Profit: Rs 6.12 million

NPA: 0.18 per cent

Networth: Rs 723 million

Earning Per Share:

Rs 8.75

Price earning Ratio

(P/E): N/A

Branches: 7 Branches (Kantipath, New Road, Birgunj, Pokhara, Baglung, Biratnagar, Lahan)

ATMs: 6

• Sunrise Bank Ltd (October 12, 2007)

Chairman: Tolaram Dugar

CEO: Kishore Maharjan

Paid up capital: Rs 700 mn

Core capital: Rs 685 million

Net loss: Rs 24 million

NPA: 0

Networth: Rs 685 million

Earning Per Share:


Price Earning Ratio

(P/E): 0

Branches: 6 (at

present 10)

ATMs: 0

• Sanima Bikas Bank Ltd (December 12, 2004)

Executive Chairman: Badri Prasad Ojha

Paid up capital: Rs 384 million

Core capital: Rs 429 million

Net Profit: Rs 22 million

NPA: 1.51 per cent

Networth: Rs 4,327 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 5.74

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 249 times

Branches: 3 (New Road, Damak, Dhadingbesi)

ATMs: Affiliated to SCT.