Know your bank

Kathmandu, October 11:

Amid the worsening-by-the-day global crisis and the US government’s decision yesterday to buy an ownership stake in a broad array of American banks for the first time since the Great Depression, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a thorough look at our own financial institutions and their fiscal fitness. We are looking at our own banks and their performance:

• Nepal Bank Ltd (November 15, 1937)

Chairman: Bharat Bahadur Karki

Coordinator: Dr Binod Atreya (Nepal Rastra Bank)

Paid up capital: Rs 380 million

Core capital: N/A

Net Profit: Rs 528.7 million

NPA: 8.05 per cent

Networth: Negative

Earning Per Share: N/A

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 0

Branches: 99

ATMs: Joined hands with SCT

• Rastriya Banijya Bank ( January 23, 1966)

Chairman: Dr Bhola Chalise

CEO: Janardan Acharya

Paid up capital: Rs 1.017 billion

Core capital: N/A

Net Profit: Rs 1.77 billion

NPA: 20 per cent

Networth: N/A

Earning Per Share: N/A

Price earning Ratio (P/E): N/A

Branches: 117

ATMs: 8

• Nabil Bank Ltd ( July 16, 1984)

Chairman: Satyendra Pyara Shrestha

CEO: Anil Shah

Paid up capital: Rs 689.2 million

Core capital: Rs 2,363.6 million

Net Profit: Rs 746.5 million

NPA: Rs 161 million of Rs 21,759.4 million loan (0.7 per cent)

Networth: Rs 2,437.2 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 108

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 48.7

Branches: 26

ATMs: 31

• Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Ltd (January 24, 1986)

Chairman: Neeraj Swaroop

CEO: Sujit Mundul

Paid up capital: Rs 620.78 million

Core capital: Rs 2,304.76 million

Net Profit: Rs 818.92 million

NPA: Rs 128.72 million (0.92 per cent)

Networth: Rs 2,492.55 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 131.92

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 51.77

Branches: 11 branches and four extension counters

ATMs: 17

• Everest Bank Ltd (October 18, 1994)

Chairman: Bishnu Krishna Shrestha

CEO: R K Ummat

Paid up capital: Rs 831.4 million

Core capital: Rs 2,004.7 million

Net Profit: Rs 450.1 million

NPA: 0.64 per cent

Networth: Rs 1,679.6 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 89.90

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 34.84

Branches: 27

ATMs: 15

• Bank of Kathmandu Ltd (March 3, 1995)

Chairman: Sanjay Bahadur Shah

MD: Radhesh Pant

Paid up capital: Rs 603.14 million

Core capital: Rs 1,324.51 million

Net Profit: Rs 371.25 million

NPA: 1.76 per cent

Networth: Rs 224.36 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 61.55

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 38.18

Branches: 23 branches and six Extension Counters

ATMs: 12 ATMs

• Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (October 14, 1996)

Chairman: Prithivi Raj Ligal

CEO: Ratna Raj Bajracharya

Paid Up capital: Rs 1,400 million

Core capital: Rs 646.55 million

Net profit: Rs 495.56 million

NPA: 16.36 per cent

Networth: Rs 696.13 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 35.40

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 12.91

Branches: 17 branches

ATMs: 2 (Baghbazar and Chabahil)

• NIC Bank Ltd (July 21, 1998)

Chairman: Jagdish Prasad Agrawal

CEO: Sashin Joshi

Paid up capital: Rs 944 million

Core capital: Rs 1,294 million

Net Profit: Rs 243 million

NPA: Rs 98 million (0.85 per cent)

Networth: Rs 1,303 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 25.75

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 49.86

Branches: 16

ATMs: Tie-up with SCT

• Kumari Bank Ltd (April 3, 2001)

Chairman: Noor Pratap J B Rana

GM: Kapil Sharma

Paid up capital: Rs 1,070 million

Core capital: Rs 1,369.89 million

Net Profit: Rs 180.37 million

NPA: 1.35 per cent

Networth: Rs 1,375.74 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 16.86

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 59.92 times

Branches: 15

ATMs: 15

• Laxmi Bank Ltd (April 3, 2002)

Chairman: Rajendra K Khetan

CEO: Suman Joshi

Paid up capital: Rs 913.19 million

Core capital: Rs 1,086.01 million

Net Profit: Rs 120.03 million

NPA: 0.13 per cent

Networth: Rs 1,154.16 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 19.68

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 56.56 times

Branches: 14

ATMs: 10

• NMB Bank Ltd (Established in 1996/Upgraded in 2007)

Chairman: Mahabir Prasad Goyal

CEO: Upendra Poudel

Paid up capital: Rs 1 billion

Core capital: Rs 1,210.391 million

Net Profit: Rs 73.1 million

NPA: 1.52 per cent

Networth: Rs 1,210.91 million

Earning Per Share: Rs 7.31

Price earning Ratio (P/E): 127.20

Branches: 2

ATMs: 1