Kumari’s credit cards

KATHMANDU: Kumari Bank has launched ‘Kumari Credit Card’ as a part of service extension. The bank has issued two types of credit cards. The domestic credit card is valid in Nepal and India only, whereas the international credit card is accepted worldwide, according to a press statement. The international credit card is issued in dollars. The bank is one of the few players in the industry to issue chip-based credit cards, ensuring high level of security is maintained thereby minimising the risk of fraud. The card enables making payments for purchases over the POS terminals, withdraw cash as well through ATM terminals. The Kumari Bank credit card offers high cash withdrawal facility, that is up to 90 per cent of total credit limit. The bank has already launched VISA debit card which can be used both in Nepal and abroad. Considering the service to customers, the bank has provided services of credit card through all the 36 branches. Non-accountholder customers can also avail this service.