Kathmandu, May 8

The Cabinet today approved the proposal of the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) to provide additional grant of Rs 200,000 to the landless quake victims.

Those living in the public lands or forest areas will be benefited from the NRA’s scheme after the Cabinet meeting today approved the amendment to ‘Guideline on Grant Distribution for Reconstruction of Private Houses’, according to NRA Spokesperson Yamlal Bhoosal.

NRA has said that the additional grant should be utilised for purchasing land. Landless victims have been deprived of government grant due to lack of land ownership certificate despite being listed as beneficiaries for the government grant during the survey commissioned by NRA.

Land ownership certificate is mandatory to sign agreement with local bodies to receive the government grant. The landless quake victims will get additional Rs 200,000 on top of the house reconstruction grant worth Rs 300,000.

A total of 9,400 families living in the public lands and forest areas will be benefited from this decision, according to NRA. It has also paved the way to relocate 2,751 families living in 112 vulnerable settlements to safer areas.