Lebanon among top five work destinations

KATHMANDU: Lebanon bagged fifth position as a popular destination of Nepali migrant workers in Bhadra (mid-August to mid-September) hiring 554 women workers. Israel, a major destination of Nepali women workers, has not hired a single worker in the month.

According to the Department of Foreign Employment (DoFE) around 17,702 Nepali were employed in foreign countries between mid-August to mid-September 2009. Saudi Arabia is at the top of the destination ladder hiring 7,316 workers — 1,103 more than in the previous month. Malaysia (5,155), Qatar (2,482) and the United Arab Emirates (1,737) are in second, third and fourth place, respectively.

Hiring Nepali workers significantly increased in Malaysia from mid-August to mid-September compared to the previous month. Malaysia had hired 4055 the previous month. Among the top five destination countries, the number of Nepalis going to Qatar for work reduced by 19.49 per cent in the last two months.

The number of Nepali women going abroad increased in mid-August to mid-September from 426 in Sawan to 699. Bahrain is developing as a good destination for Nepali workers as it hired 136 workers. Other destinations are Oman (124), Kuwait (107) and Libya (73).

Around 4,934 Nepalis left for more than six countries on individual contracts. Qatar topped in this category, hiring 2,179 workers. The UAE was in second position, hiring 1,418 Nepali workers. Kuwait was in third position, hiring 675 Nepali workers— 293 men and 382 women.

Countries like South Korea, Japan, England and America hired Nepali workers on individual contract. Japan topped in this segment with 48 followed by South Korea (23), England (12), and America (5). Two Nepalis were hired by Egyptian employers whereas Angola, Benin and Panama hired one Nepali worker each.