Liril Fresh Face

KATHMANDU: Several weeks of hard work, extensive challenges and the rigorous passion to become the face of Nepal’s most popular soap brand Liril, has paid off for Pramila Thapa who has very gracefully emerged as the winner of the contest organised by Liril — the Liril Fresh Face. The 19-year-old beauty, Thapa with her bubbliness, cheerfulness, refreshing and lively personality was the right amalgamation and proved herself worthy of the title, as per a press statement issued on Monday. Liril, a popular international brand, started the third season of the contest this year with several entrees out of which 10 were shortlisted. Thapa, who fought against all odds, was chosen on the basis of her personality, overall performance in various challenging Liril inspired tasks and dynamism.  As a winner, Thapa has won a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of representing the global brand Liril in the various media platforms of Nepal along with a beach holiday package for two, and cash prize of Rs 50,000. Also, in the contest, the three-weekly lucky voters and the top five contestants received a Samsung J5 mobile phone each from Samsung.