Litmus Cable unveils new brand logo

Kathmandu, August 5

Litmus Cable, a leading domestic and power cable brand manufactured by Lumbini Vidyut Udyog (LVU) has received the ISI (Bureau of Indian Standards) certification, marking itself as the country’s only cable brand with such prestigious accreditation and has also launched a new brand logo that signifies a complete new approach to add more value to its customers.

“Our new brand logo speaks about our new perception to understand the customers, deliver the best products, and assure maximum customer satisfaction,” a press release issued today quoted Anand Baid, MD of LVU, as saying.

The cables and wires are manufactured with the use of advanced annealing method confirming to international standards. The brand was certified by the Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology with the ‘NS’ mark in 2005 and the company’s belief ‘quality never sleeps’ was reassured when it won the ‘NS Quality Award’ in 2010, the company adds.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, LVU manufactures cables and wires ranging from 1.5 sq mm to 1,000 sq mm. It also offers a wide range of products like conductors, enamel winding wires, and paper coated wires and strips in different sizes.