Locals celebrate as first vehicle reaches Jinawang

TULSIPUR: Locals of Jinawang were elated after a vehicle reached their village for the first time yesterday. Jinawang lies on the border of Rolpa and Salyan districts.

With a fair-weather motorable road reaching their village, the people of this area hope that the potatoes

and apples grown in the area will

get markets.

Locals welcomed the first vehicle and its driver by offering garlands and putting red vermillion powder on his forehead as a mark of respect. The first vehicle to reach the village was a pickup van with registration plate number Na 3 Kha 8789.

Damachaur in Salyan district which is close to Jinawang and Jinawang itself are famous potato and apple growing areas.

Lokendra Oli, a farmer, said the problem of carrying the agriculture produce on foot to the nearest market has now eased with the arrival of the road to their village. Oli said farmers of the area sell vegetables and fruits worth more than Rs. 500,000 annually.