LPG shortage in eastern region

Shekhar Regmi

Biratnagar, January 21:

There is an artificial LPG gas shortage for the last ten days in eastern region after the hike in the price of petroleum products. Consumers are paying as high as Rs 1,200 per cylinder.

As companies are not providing LPG for the last ten days, the shortage surfaced in the market. LPG completely vanished from the market after the government decided to raise Rs 100 per cylinder. One consumer, Umesh Bishwokarma said, he brought a cylinder to his home after a paying Rs 1,250, since there is no kerosene in the market as well. Currently, the Koshi, Prima and Mechi gas companies are responsible for distributing LPG in the eastern regions. Those companies completely halted distribution of LPG after the price rise. They did not bring out even the LPG stock which they have in their stores.

Koshi gas company, which is enjoying a good market share in the region, is reportedly selling LPG at a higher price, a source said. The supply of LPG has been stopped for the last ten days in spite of available stock which is causing problems to consumers, said Sarala Adhikari, one consumer. The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) regional office said gas shortage surfaced as gas tankers of the Koshi and Prima gas companies have stayed at the Biratnagar custom office in Biratnagar for the last ten days.