London, August 19:

After opening offices in India and China, the London School of Economics (LSE) has announced the launch of an Asia Forum to discuss how Asian development can be more sustainable.

The forum will have its first meeting in Hong Kong next month where participants will discuss managing the dynamics of growth. The forum was formed jointly with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx), the publicly listed holding company of Hong Kong’s stock and derivatives exchanges. “The impact of China, India and Asia as a whole on the world’s economy is well recognised in the US and Europe. “We will be discussing the institutional and organisational foundations of sustainable development - the foundations of markets, of trade infrastructure, of governance,” Professor Henrietta Moore, LSE’s deputy director and coordinator of the forum, said.

“The Asia Forum will be the annual focal point of the school’s wider Asia engagement. LSE offices have recently been created in New Delhi and Beijing, and the school is pursuing a range of partnerships with leading Asian universities and corporations as well as working with governments and governmental agencies. “We view these partnerships as a vital part of our global network, which allows for worldwide knowledge exchange, policy development and scientific cooperation,” Moore said.

Participants at the September 9 event will include representatives from HKEx; Tata Sons India), ICICI Bank (India), the Reserve Bank of India, Deutsche Bank China and Beijing University.

They will interact with leading LSE academics such as Professor Lord Desai, professor Tim Besley and professor Danny Quah to explore the future of Asia and its contribution to the world.