Mango production decreases

Siraha, June 23:

Produce of mango has decreased in Siraha district this year. Farmers said frequent storms and attack of insects are the major reasons behind the decrease in mango production.

According to mango-producing farmers, insects affected the mango trees during the flowering time in January and February. The regular storms after February also hit the production of mangoes hard.

According to Siraha District Agriculture Development Office, mangoes are being planted in 73900.13 hectors of land in the district. “If the output of mango is good, in a year it can cross 10 metric tonnes (MT) per hector. However, if the production is not good also, it would not be less then four metric tonnes per hector,” Siraha District Agriculture Development Office, said.

“Compared to the last year’s figure, the produce of mango has reduced because of storm and attack of insects this year,” seed protection officer at Siraha District Agriculture Development Office, Ram Prakash Singh said. “The small mangoes dropped from the trees as insecticides could not be used in time. Mangoes surviving the attack of insects were damaged by the regular storms,” Singh said, adding that very few mangoes can be seen in the markets due to less output.

“As the local produce of mango could not meet the demand in the market, entrepreneurs are forced to import mangoes from India,” Santosh Bindabar, an entrepreneur said.

Lahan is the major collection centre of mango is the district.