Maoists capture textiles industry

Hetauda, November1:

The Maoists have captured the government-owned building of Hetauda Textiles Industry and have established their office in the building for the past one month. The sister organisation of CPN-Maoist, All Nepal Trade Union (ANTU) Makwanpur established its office at Hetauda Textile Industry, which has not been in operation since 2000.

The Maoists are using the building for their accommodation and to conduct meetings of ANTU. The building has also become a site for Maoists to take action against corrupt officials of industry and administration.

The Maoists are using four rooms of the vacant textile industry building. They use two rooms to sleep in, one as kitchen and one as conference room. Although the Maoists claim to have occupied the building to ensure peace and security of the industrial estate, one employee of Hetauda Textile Industry, Pralhad Kumar Pokharel said Maoists captured the industry building without seeking any permission from industry administration.