Mero Mobile dealers protest

KATHMANDU:Mero Mobile Dealers’ Association (MMDA) has started its second phase of protest against Spice Nepal Pvt Ltd (SNPL) of

the popular Mero Mobile brand saying that the company’s decision to replace C M Trading as a dealer has not been implemented yet.

“Although Spice’s executive members have agreed to replace C M Trading after our first phase of protest, we have still not been given the authority of the dealership by the company,” said MMDA president Amar Sapkota. He added that they are staging sit-ins in the second phase. “The protest may turn more serious if

the company does not fulfil our demands,” he added.

MMDA is protesting since July 12 against the decision to appoint C M

Trading as Mero Mobile dealer.

Sapkota said MMDA has promoted Mero Mobile for a long time and it’s very unfair to them if the company appoints another dealer. MMDA has demanded Spice take back the decision at the earliest. As a part of their protest, dealers in all the 14 districts have decided not to purchase any accessories of Mero Mobile.

Meanwhile, a meeting of executive members of the company and Mero’s national distributors was held.

“It is a wait-and-watch situation for

us because apart

from us, at least 60 other members of the association were not included in the meeting today,” said MMDA vice-president Shyam Gupta.