MoE forms high-level mechanism to address electricity users’ complaints

Kathmandu, October 3

The Ministry of Energy (MoE) has formed a high-level mechanism meant to address complaints of electricity users.

Electricity consumers are requested to contact with the mechanism if they face any disturbance in power supply to their homes or offices and are not responded well by the ‘No Light Section’ staff.

The MoE decided to form a separate mechanism to address the consumers’ complaints about disturbances in power supply as public grievances regarding ‘rude’ and ‘unresponsive’ attitude of the employees of no light section increased.

Besides, the decision has been made as the ministry seeks to check sluggishness in the performance of authorities concerned, possible

irregularities and power leakage.

Energy Minister Janardan Sharma urged people to inform the mechanism if power supply to their locality or residence has been disrupted for long due to transformer explosion or electric pole collapse or other defects and they are facing power outage exceeding the load-shedding schedule or are not provided an electricity metre on time (within a week of the submission of a formal application).

Multiple means of communications such as e-mail, SMS and telephone services can be used to contact with the mechanism and register the complaints. The NEA consumers are requested to contact at 01421606 or 986166366 if they have any grievances regarding the NEA services.

NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising expressed hope that the new provision would help win consumers’ hearts.