MoLE to award returnee migrant workers who embrace entrepreneurship

Kathmandu, February 16

The Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) has decided to award outstanding enterprises set up by returnee migrant workers in the country. The government has announced this award to encourage the returnee migrant workers to embrace entrepreneurship by utilising their knowledge, skill and capital. It also expects this move to foster economic activities and generate employment.

According to MoLE Joint Secretary Jeevan Kumar Rai, the outstanding award will be provided to one enterprise and seven awards for top enterprise from each of the proposed seven province will be distributed. Migrant workers selected for outstanding award will get Rs 100,000 and top enterprises from seven provinces will get Rs 50,000 each. The winners will be felicitated by either the president or prime minister.

MoLE has developed various indicators to select the outstanding enterprise and top enterprise from each province set up by

returnee migrant workers. It will ask for proposals from those returnee migrant workers who have embraced entrepreneurship here. “They have to submit details of the nature of enterprise, employment creation number, environmental safeguards adopted by enterprise, investment, tax submission and other details,” said Rai.

MoLE has also been mulling over to recommend Ministry of Finance and Nepal Rastra Bank to introduce tax incentive and interest rate subsidy for enterprises set up by migrant workers to encourage them in setting up enterprises in the country.