Motion picture sector asks for govt subsidy

Himalayan News Service

Rupandehi, January 28:

Nepali motion picture entrepreneurs have demanded subsidy at par with sick industries in order to save their business, which has been hit hard by the on-going armed conflict in the country.

President of the Nepal Motion Picture Association, Hari Prasad Dwa placed this demand at an interaction programme entitled, ‘Nepali Film Industry and Pitiable State of Film Halls’, being organised by the cine journalists’ association in Butwal. “Just as concessions have been extended for sick industries through Nepal Rastra Bank, we urge the government to arrange exemptions on interests and staying of fines on loan amounts taken by cinema halls,” he said. Billions of rupees would be wasted and thousands of employees rendered unemployed if cinema halls are closed, he warned. This is why cinema halls must be saved, he argued.

According to a report of Nepal Motion Picture Association, Nepali motion picture industry, which has become vulnerable due to government policies and armed conflict, has not been able to face competition with VCD, DVD and cinema channels being broadcasted by cable televisions.

Entrepreneurs’ demand reduction in film development fee, complete abolition of the minimum guarantee under the development fee and reduction of custom fee for importing foreign films. Controlling illegal import of VDC, DVD and VHS cassettes, providing industrial privilege at par with other industries would ensure prosperity to Nepali motion picture industries once again, claimed Nepal motion picture industries’ association.

On the occasion, film producer Gopal Subedi complained that the Nepali motion picture producers have not received support from the government and film hall owners. Cine artiste Smriti Swornakar said cine artistes have fallen into crisis as the number of motion picture production has gone down. Nahakul Pathak, president of the Nepal Motion Picture Association in the west region, Hari Lamsal chairman of the Federation of Nepal Journalists’ Association, Rupandehi branch spoke on problems and anomalies of motion picture association. The programme was presided over by Ram Krishna Bhandari.