NAMI’s symposium

KATHMANDU: Naaya Aayam Multi-Disciplinary Institute (NAMI) celebrated the 10th National Conservation Day on September 23, aiming to spread awareness to enhance conservation practices and status in Nepal.

The theme of the symposium was ‘Conservation Practices and Trends in Nepal’. The National Conservation Day has been celebrated since 2008, in memory of the Conservation Heroes who lost their lives in a tragic helicopter accident, on September 23, 2006, at Ghunsa, Kanchenjunga. Since then, WWF along with other environmental organisations in Nepal, has been marking this day annually with certain activities as a token of remembrance to the Conservation Heroes.

NAMI has selected this particular day for the event in order to bring awareness of this fact as well as to spread awareness of conservation activities and their importance in Nepal. Experts from organisations such as WWF, NTNC, IUCN, DNPWC and institutions such as KU, TU and NAMI itself delivered their respective presentations. The symposium focused on the activities carried out by these organisations, where each organisation presented various aspects regarding conservation of nature in Nepal.