NATO praises Hillary

Kathmandu, May 6 :

Nepal Association of Tour Operators (NATO), on behalf of Nepali tourism entrepreneurs, has expressed its gratitude to Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Mt Everest with Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953, for his recent efforts to promote Nepal.

Hillary on May 4, had urged tourists to make plans to travel to Nepal assuring them of a sound political climate in the country.

He further said that the situation in the country has vastly improved and the Everest region has been untouched by any of the nation’s recent problems.

Issuing a press release today, NATO has hailed the relaxing of the travel advisory by the United Kingdom. “At a time when tourist arrivals to the Himalayan Kingdom is picking up, NATO heartily welcomes such a move. NATO is confident that this step will no doubt help to boost the tourism industry of Nepal and assist in attracting more tourists to the country,” adds the release. In addition, this will also help in the economic revival of the country and create opportunities for more people. NATO has requested other countries too to revise their travel advisories under the light of the present circumstances.