NOC to supply Euro IV standard petro products from mid-2017

Kathmandu, November 4

Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) is likely to supply Euro IV standard petrol and diesel in the domestic market from the middle of next year as its sole fuel supplier, the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), is shifting to production and distribution of Euro IV emission standard petrol and diesel in India from April 1, 2017.

As India plans to supply Euro IV standard petrol and diesel across India by upgrading all its oil refineries from next year, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) will supply the same petroleum products to Nepal, according to Nagendra Jha, director of Nepal Oil Corporation.

Except in a few cities, Euro III standard petrol and diesel is being supplied all over India currently and IOC delivers the same quality petroleum products to Nepal.

Euro IV is the European fuel emission standard succeeding Euro III standard petroleum products. Fuel of Euro IV standard is said to be environment-friendly and crucial to curb vehicular pollution. Regarded as high-grade fuel, emissions from petrol and diesel with Euro IV specifications contain low amount of sulphur, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other particulate matters, helping to control pollution.

“Once India switches to Euro IV emission standard, IOC has already said it will supply us petroleum products of the same quality,” Jha informed.

However, Euro IV standard petrol and diesel will be slightly costlier compared to Euro III petroleum products.

The Indian government has been investing huge sums to upgrade technologies throughout its oil refineries to generate cleaner and environment-friendly fuel. India not only aims to switch to Euro IV emission standards by April next year, but has also announced to directly switch to Euro VI standard from Euro IV standard by April 2020.

Sources said that Nepal Oil Corporation will ink a deal regarding supply of Euro IV standard fuel with IOC in March next year when chiefs of both IOC and NOC will meet to renew the trade agreement.

Meanwhile, automobile dealers have said that availability of Euro IV petroleum products will increase the lifespan of automobiles and contribute largely to control air pollution.

“The domestic market has high-end motor vehicles meeting the specifications of Euro VI emission standards. However, comparatively lower grade of petroleum products have been affecting efficiency and life of these vehicles that are sold in Nepal,” said Sambhu Dahal, vice-president of Nepal Automobile Dealers Association, adding that higher grade fuel will result in higher efficiency of vehicles and mileage.